Interior Detail Complete Detail Executive Detail
Hand Wash
Dry Car
Door Jams
Bug and Tar Removal
Hand Waxing
Engine Cleaning
Dress Tires
Detail Trim and Chrome
Clay Barring of Entire Car
Paint Seal
Clean Mats
Clean Windows, Mirrors, and Ashtray
Clean Dash, Vents, Gauges, Knobs, etc.
Clean all Vinyl (Dressings Optional)
Blow Out and Clean Trunk
Conditioning of Leather
Shampoo Upholstery and Floor Mats by Hand
Floorboard & Upholstery Cleaned with Commercial Extractor
Price* $100 $130 $200

*Prices are based on compact cars and will vary according to condition and size of car.

Optional Services
Swirl & Hairline Scratch Removal Available by request! Price by quote only
Buffing Available by request! Price by quote only
Clay Barring Add to any exterior package! Price by quote only